A.S.T.O. - WE COMMUNICATE short film festival notification

The short film festival team of A.S.T.O.-WE COMMUNICATE after the unprecedented number of submissions from all over Greece and all over the world came to a conclusion on which films will be projected during the 12th short film festival of A.S.T.O.-WE COMMUNICATE as referred in the participation regulations.


Our festival will take place on the 22rd and 23th of June 2017 within the frameworks of the 5-day artistic festival of A.S.T.O.-WE COMMUNICATE in Patras, Greece. The final selection of the films was made in two phases. Initially we checked whether the participations meet the regulations of the festival. All clues concerning these regulations were taken into consideration. The basic reasons for which films were not qualified to the selection phase were the following: the time limit exceeded the 20 minutes, the films were experimental or video art or documentaries and they were not subtitled in Greek or English (for the films coming from abroad). Therefore the final selection refers to the films that met the participation regulations.

       The selection of the movies was very difficult. There were such good movies. If we had more screening time all the movies would be projected, as our festival is a non- competition one.

          We want to thank the filmakers from Greece and all over the world that trusted us and sent us their works. The final selection was hard and time-consuming as the films that applied for participation were over 1200!

          We present the films that will be projected on Thursday and Friday 22rd and 23th of June 2017 within the frameworks of the 12th short film festival of A.S.T.O.-WE COMMUNICATE.

          The order in which the films are listed below is at random and it is not related with the projection sequence.  The films will be screened only if they can be downloaded. In any other case even if selected, the film will not be projected.

Thursday 22 June 2017

A well done suicide is forever                                           Giulio Mealli

My house                                                                             Vojta Komárek

Harald lends a hand                                                           Simon Glass

Emergency Escape                                                             Safuan Shahril

The call boy's jacket                                                            Daniel Tornero

Who killed Anastazija Elster?                                             Žiga Ciber

A Whole World for a Little World                                        Fabrice Bracq

Pandas in the Mist (series title) - Brochure (episode title)    Thierry Garance-Juan Rodriguez

M.A.M.O.N. (Mointor against mexicans over nationwide)    Alejandro Damiani

Finito                                                                                     Mauricio Bartok-Gabriel Dorazio

Sandal                                                                                   Jeiji Joned

Dad In Mum                                                                          Fabrice Bracq

Leica Story                                                                            Raúl Mancilla

Tangency                                                                              Bashi Kasawneh

About Arif                                                                              Hasan Kalender

A lucky day                                                                           Pierrick Roland

Cita a las doce                                                                      Carlos Murante

Buzzed                                                                                  Ryan Rosenthal

Friday 23 June 2017

Birthday                                          Dimitris Katsimiris

Phantom Limb                               Michael Felanis

911-PIZZA                                     Eleutherios Zacharopoulos

The Other                                      Anastasia Rizou

Scratches                                       Konstantinos Kalogridis

Glabra                                            Alexandros Klimopoulos/Peter Rundler

Soft Lady                                       Spiros Dodopoulos/ Nika Lominatze

An/Hthikon                                     Giorgos Triantafillou

Not Alone                                       Sotiris Petridis/Dimitris Tsakaleas

Unfraimed                                      Thodoris Thomadakis

Friendship Brachelet                    Dimitris Antzous

Carols                                             Thanos Psihogios

Shelfie                                            Marios Ioannidis

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