Announcment of the films selected for the 13th International ASTOvideofestival

The selection of the movies was very difficult. There were so many good movies. If we had more screening time all the movies would be projected, as our festival is a non- competition one. The final selection of the films was made in two phases.



Initially we checked whether the participations meet the regulations of the festival. And then the movies were judged and selected. We are very sorry for delaying the announcement of the selected and not selected films. This was due to two reasons: firstly, because our festival is an open air one, there is a possibility of raining on the 14th and 15th of June, secondly because of the number of the submitted movies (about 1500) there was an issue of notifying everybody at the same time because we were very thorough with the procedure. We decided to go on with the festival as scheduled. You will find the list of the selected films below. The sequence of the films in the list is at random.

Thursday 14/06/2018  Filmmakers from around the world

Reservation                                                      Wiktor Bojanowski

What ever happened to the incivilty?               Delio Colangelo

The bra                                                              laurent Firode

The Nephew                                                     Wilhelm Kuhn

Roof Knocking                                                 Sina Salimi

Are You Volleyball?!                                        Mohammad Bakhshi

2 by 2                                                                Mark Playne

Storyteller                                                          Anil Guldogan  

Blind vision                                                      Anastasia Zhura

Mattia can fly                                                   Alessandro Porzio

PAPA                                                                Christophe Switzer

Tomasito (Tommy)                                           Ignacio F. Rodó, Sergio Arróspide

Bread & Butter                                                  Emre Gulcan

RUNNER                                                          Herminio Cardiel

Elina                                                                  Evelin Kachulin


Friday 15/06/2018 Greek Filmmakers


Apostolos Karoulas

Splendid butterflies

Elena Demestixa

Let's go

Fanis Topsaxalidis


Giannis Zareifis


Miltiadis Xristidis


Syni Pappa

Mum I am back

Dimitris Katsimiris


Alex Panitsas


Panagiotis Fafoutis

How are you today?

Sophie Markatatos


Tania Navaraki/ Sotiris Petridis


Mina Dreki


Georgios Dimertzoglou

Eight seconds

Manolis Levedelis


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