12th International Asto Short Film Festival -Send us your movie!

       The short film festival will be held by the Short film festival team of ASTO- WE COMMUNICATE within the frameworks of the 14th festival of ASTO-WE COMMUNICATE, which will be held in June in the city of Patras, Greece. The festival is not competitive. ASTOs aim is to project as many films as it can in the time that is available due to its open cinema characteristics.




  1. Running time should not exceed 20 minutes.
  2. Festival accepts ONLY fiction movies. Animation short films can participate. Video art films, documentaries, experimental films and advertisement spots are NOT allowed.
  3. In case of scenes of excessive violence or other inappropriate material the FESTIVAL reserves the right of whether the films will be projected or not and of the time of projection(if they are appropriate).
  4. The participation of film producers from other countries is allowed under the condition that the films are subtitled in Greek or English.
  5. The festival is divided into two themes "Greek filmmakers" and "Filmmakers from around the world". The submission dates are as follows:     
    1. Filmmakers from around the world à 5 May 2017 - 12 May 2017
    2. Greek filmmakers à 1 May 2017 - 20 May 2017
  6. Greek filmmakers can participate in the thematic "Filmmakers from around the world". In that case they have to follow the differences in the submission dates and the submission procedure as described below the regulations. Depending on the number of films submitted the festival has the right to project any selected film under any thematic with the obligation to inform the filmmaker for such a change.
  7. Only films in electronic/digital form will be accepted. Your video will have to be in an Mp4 form and HD 720p analysis or preferably in full HD 1080p and stereo sound. ONLY IF it is absolutely necessary we can accept videos from other popular, contemporary formats after contact and approval of the person in charge for the projection of the festival films. No film that there is not the possibility to be projected in HD 720p will be projected. Films that have been recorded in less analysis than the required standards and have been transformed later in HD will not be accepted.
  8. In case that the participations exceed the overall duration of the Festival, the short-film Festival team of ASTO-WE COMMUNICATE is responsible for the final selection of the films that will be projected.
  9. ASTO-WE COMMUNICATE reserves the right to digitize the officially selected films and use them or part of them for promotional purposes for the festival or future projections and artistic activities that will bring the title of the Festival. Any such projections and activities will be announced on our website astopatras.gr.
  10.  We would like to inform the Filmmakers that the Festival and ASTO - Communicate will not answer personal messages to questions of filmmakers concerning: 1. the regulations of participation and submission or the shipping procedure if the answer is already recorded here. 2. the reasons that a film was not selected for projection since the process is explicitly explained in regulation terms 3 and 8.
  11. Laurel leaves will be sent to filmmakers after the end of the festival.
  12. By submitting your film to the festival you accept the above regulations of participation.


Whoever interested and the participants can be informed about the Festival News and further details from the festival facebook site https://goo.gl/NOXFTqFor any information contact us at [email protected]






We accept films through film freeway service. For detailed information refer to our page on film freeway

Submission dates:5 May 2017 - 12 May 2017



When you see judging status changed to "selected" make sure your movie is downloadable and send two photos from the movie and the poster to [email protected]




For your participation you will have to include in your mail:

  1. your entry/application form
  2. the film link
  3. two photos of the film
  4. a poster{optional/not obligatory}(if there is one available)

 We accept films from the following links:





From 1 May 2017 till 20 May 2017

  • Fill in your entry form
  • Send your entry form,the movie link and the photos of your film at the mail:[email protected]

Find all the information and the entry form for the "Greek Filmakers" here: /sites/default/files/12th_asto_short_film_festival_regulations_and_terms_2017.doc

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